Nintendo Lost $975 million to Piracy in ‘07

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Nintendo of America has said that it wants to see a crackdown on piracy, especially in certain parts of the world. Nintendo names China, Korea, Brazil, Hong Kong, Paraguay and Mexico as piracy hotbeds for their systems.

“The unprecedented momentum enjoyed by Nintendo DS and Wii makes Nintendo an attractive target for counterfeiters,” said Jodi Daughert, Nintendo of Americe’s senior director of anti-piracy.

It has outlined the problems, which are listed below:

Nintendo has recommended stronger laws in all countries against circumventing security measures, as video game pirates have developed DS game-copying devices and mod chips to target the security holes in its systems.

It says that China must pursue criminal prosecutions against those involved in large-scale piracy operations. It has worked with the authorities in China, who seized more than 1 million fake Nintendo products during the past year. Not one has been prosecuted.

Nintendo supports the Free Trade Agreement between Korea and the US, but says it needs to be ratified immediately to address those who are profiting from uploading and downloading illegal content. Korea is an important market for Nintendo.

Central and South America
That area remains a haven for piracy, with evidence including escalated violence in Mexico against the police over anti-piracy raids, high tariffs and taxes placed on sales of authentic video games in Brazil and widespread corruption in Paraguay. This past year, Nintendo helped local authorities with more than 65 raids that saw the seizure of 230,000 counterfeit games in Mexico, Brazil and Paraguay alone.

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