Underbelly goes online, risks ignored.

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Within 30 minutes to 1 hour, the show about the gangland killings in Melbourne was up on the internet allowing Victorians, who were banned from viewing the show, to watch the first two episodes.

Underbelly was banned as fears started to rise about the show could influence a trial a man accused of murdering a gangland figure in Melbourne. The Nine Network, the broadcasters, have said that it has appealed the decision.

“The Nine Network intends to appeal the decision as soon as possible. We look forward to brining it at the earliest possible time this amazing Australian drama,” Eddie McGuire said in a clip that was shown on Victorian screens where Underbelly was going to been seen. The show was replaced by a movie.

However, that didn’t stop the Victorians. All were rushing to sites like mininova and torrents2hell to download the first and second episodes. More than 600 people were already downloading the show, with some users reported slow speeds due to the rush.

Mininova already has 4 torrents up about the series, with one from Nine’s HD signal and the other three from the SD signal. All are encoded in XviD.

TECH.GEEK wishes to advise that we do not endorse piracy.

ninemsn has revealed that a source has said that the Nine Network currently has the IP address of the first user who uploaded the episode. They are considering legal action against the user.

According to ninemsn, which is 50% owned by the Nine Network, a high quality version was released at 1am and a version that made it easier to burn to DVD was up at 5am.

It has also been revealed that the show is also downloaded by international users.

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