gotalk offers naked DSL

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Joining Exetel and iiNet, gotalk has released a set of plans for Naked DSL with VoIP starting at $49.95.

According to Whirlpool, these plans are “affordable” and are dubbed “The Great Escape”. The service is currently operated by Optus’ ADSL2+ network and will offer a VoIP service with a phone number. Customers can also have the option to move their existing phone number to the VoIP service when it is active.

Plans start with a 3GB onpeak/6GB offpeak plan for $49.95 and go up to a 20GB onpeak/40GB offpeak plan for $79.95.

The company currently offers aggressive pricing on its main business, phone services, on it’s “The Lot” plan. Costing about $95 a month, it includes free local, national and mobile calls with some international calls. It also has a mobile plan capped at $100.

Unlike its rivals, Optus and iiNet, gotalk does not count uploads on its naked or packaged plans.

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