TV Show ban useless in the internet

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Underbelly, a brand new Australian drama detailing the events of the Melbourne Gangland wars, was recently banned from being showed in Australia. This ban, however, is pretty much useless in the internet.

Technologies like P2P and BitTorrent and sites like YouTube and DailyMotion will allow Victorians to watch the controversial drama hours after being shown on the rest of the nation’s television sets. The first two episodes will be shown without ads and most likely be from the HD channel, like all other torrents.

Several promotional clips for the series were still up, but were removed from the Nine’s Underbelly site. The site has also pulled down many of its content, with many saying that it was due to legal reasons.

However, people may be at risk as users could be charged with copyright and contempt of court; though, this won’t be stopping them.

Nine has appealed for the decision, but since it was late, the show won’t be running at the usual time. A planned show detailing the series was scrapped.

The show has been praised by critics as an Australian version of The Sopranos, but has been panned by family groups over the explicit language, sex scenes and a graphic scene of a shooting. The show would have problems with the FCC if it was aired in America, however will have no problems with the Australian Commercial Television Code of Conduct. The show is currently rated M.

TECH.GEEK does not condone the use of illegal measures to ‘pirate’ shows on the internet.

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