HD Photo to be JPEG XR

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Even though Microsoft’s Open Office XML file format appears that it won’t be standardized, Microsoft might have some good news with the multiple countries participating in the Joint Photographic Experts Group, who created the JPEG standard, have approved to make the HD Photo format called JPEG XR.

The XR stands for “extended range”, which is a reference to the format’s ability to show a finer and wider range of tonal gradations and a richer colour palette.

The move is an important step for the photo format, from a in-house technology called Windows Media Photo to a more neutral format that will be used by many other companies.

It also means that Microsoft will have to be more patient to see if the new HD Photo/JPEG XR format catches on with the photographers and the manufacturers.

The new technology is already built within Windows Vista, but Microsoft has released a software development kit to allow the technology be implemented freely and with no royalty constraints. Adobe has also voiced its support for the format.

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