News Corp. may bid for Yahoo

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News In Brief: TechCrunch is reporting that News Corporation may bid for Yahoo with some help with big private equity funds. However, no company have signed up.

This comes from a story by Silicon Alley Insider that a coupe of equity companies were days away to make their move to compete with the recently announced Microsoft bid for Yahoo.

News Corp. and Yahoo have been talking over a merger; however, back then (somewhere in the middle of last year) News Corp. was going to sell MySpace for a 25% stake on Yahoo.

The bid to acquire Yahoo has seen mixed reactions, with a vote on LiveSide revealing that 40.9% choosing the option of “OMG This is so Cool! Do it Now!!”, and 31.8% saying that it will be a good thing for Microsoft in the future. However, only 9.1% believe it will be a bad idea, and 13.6% believe that it will see Microsoft regretting the bid.

MSNBC, a service from NBC Universal and Microsoft, held a poll to see if the new combined company will be able to beat Google. 40% said No, 38% said Yes,a nd 22% said that it will be like the Time Warner/AOL merger.

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