W3C releases HTML 5 draft

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The first major upgrade since the HTML specifications since 1997, the W3C published an early draft about the new HTML 5 specifications. The new draft sees APIs for drawing two-dimensional graphics and control of audio and video content.

HTML 5 intends to boost interoperability and reduce costs on software by providing rules on how HTML documents are written correctly. New features mostly are for new Web applications and integrating video has a first-class medium on the web.

Other capabilities planned for HTML 5 also include the ability for users to edit documents and parts of documents interactively. Also planned are features to represent familiar page elements – including section tags, footers and navigation elements. Client-side storage is another highlight in version 5.

Mozilla, Microsoft, Apple and Opera have been actively been involved in the WHATWG (Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group), as their browsers will need to support them. Capabilities offered in the new standard are already offered through Flash and Silverlight.

HTML 5 will be the first version to be implemented under the W3C Royalty-Free Patent Policy, meaning that the standard can be implemented without paying royalties.

HTML 5 is set to become finalized in 2010.

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