Brazil bans EverQuest and Counter-Strike

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The Register is reporting that Brazil is taking the hard line against two computer games that federal officials say that they incite violence and harm consumer health.

Since January 17th, the games “Counter-Strike” and “EverQuest” have been banned from sale in Brazil. This comes after an October Brazilian federal court decision which ruled that games who encourage “the subversion of public order” are an “attack against the democratic state.”

According to the AFP, they have banned Counter-Strike, created by Valve but distributed in Brazil by Electronic Arts, after it includes a level set in Rio de Janeiro’s slum quarters. Players can choose to play either on the side of a gang who has kidnapped three UN representatives or police officers who are storming into their compound.

Federal officials has said that it teaches “war strategy” to its audience.

EA Brazil has said that the level wasn’t part of the original game, but it is a player-created mod with no affiliation with the company.

EverQuest got the chopping block after officials weren’t that happy when players could choose to be an “evil” or “good” fantastical creature while adventuring in a magical realm filled with Barbarians, Elves, Ogres and Lizard-men. EverQuest used to have a huge audience worldwide since it’s release in 1999; but it has been less popular due to “World of Warcraft” and others in the MMORPG genre.

Counter-Strike was sold under the 18+ rating, while EverQuest wasn’t officially sold in Brazil.