Sony creates rival to wireless USB

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Sony, who apparently loves creating format wars, has now initiated another one; this time with the new, and more widely supported, wireless USB standard.

Called TransferJet, it offers (in theory) a maximum data transfer rate of 560Mbps in a 4.48GHz ban, although in real-world applications it will see transfer rates of 375Mbps. It also operates only at a distance of 3cm or less; this is due to its low powered nature.

However, the Wireless USB offers a maximum rate of 480Mbps within a distance of 3 metres. But since it uses a variety of spectrum bands, it could suffer from radio interference.

Sony is pushing TransferJect as an ideal data transfer system from devices like mobile phones, digital cameras and camcorders to the television set. It was unveiled last week at CES in Las Vegas.

Sony is the only company not using the widely accepted Wireless USB standard; but Sony has a reputation of creating its own rivals to accepted standards. Take for instance the Memory Stick, it is competing with SD and CompactFlash cards. This might be to encourage customers to buy Sony products for compatibility.

It is unknown when Sony will integrate TransferJet into its products.