Facebook to allow users to hide apps

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Facebook has announced that it will allow users to hide applications on their profile pages after complaints from users.

The “profile clean-up” tool is compared the Unused Desktop Icons wizards where it get rids of the unused icons (they are actually comparing themselves to Windows? I thought they would compare themselves to a Mac.). This new tool will allow users to move application or profile boxes to an “extended portion” of the user’s profile.

If the user wants to move any or all of the boxes; Facebook recommends “that [users] keep their Friends Box, Mini-Feed, Wall, Basic and Personal Information as well as the top 12 application boxes they have added.” Each profile will have a link on the bottom to show the extended portion of the profile.

This new change has been praised by many bloggers, who have bee upset on how their page is cluttered with many applications. They have even compared it to MySpace profile pages (without the ‘artistic’ designs) since Facebook opened up to allow users to create custom applications on their profiles.

Good on you Facebook! We will see if user respond to the extended profile page (or pages).