Sega Qualifies for Beijing 2008

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Today, Sega announced that they have signed an exclusive partnership with International Sports Multimedia (ISM). They will work together to produce Beijing 2008 – the Official Video Game of the Olympic Games. The game will be created by Eurocom Entertainment Software for PS3, PC, and Xbox 360 and will feature online play for the first time in an official Olympic title.

Beijing 2008 will set a new standard for sports games in this genre,” commented Hugh Binns, Director of Eurocom. “With a huge number of events, innovative control schemes to benefit new and experienced gamers, online multiplayer modes providing hours of entertainment and stunning high definition graphics, Beijing 2008 will be a fantastic experience.”

“Sega has truly embraced the spirit of the Olympic Games first with the launch of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and now with the official video game for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games,” said Don Mesa, Marketing Director of Sega of America. “The addition of online play in an Olympic title revolutionizes the franchise and has brought the scope of international competition to the gamer at home for the first time.”

“Extending our relationship with Sega to include the Official Video Game of Beijing 2008 strengthens the opportunity to build upon the success of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games,” stated Raymond Goldsmith, Chairman and CEO of ISM. “We feel certain that Sega will further the success of Athens 2004, thereby delivering what will be an outstanding, quality gaming experience.”

Written by David Radd from GameDaily.
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