NY launches antitrust probe into Intel

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New York has launched a formal investigation on Thursday to see if Intel, the world’s biggest chipmaker, violates state and US antitrust laws to ‘squeeze’ out rival Applied Micro Devices (AMD).

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has said that his office had issued a wide-ranging subpoena seeking documents and information about a previous probe raised questions about whether Intel intimidated customers to exclude AMD from the worldwide market for microprocessors.

Intel is also facing similar investigations in Europe and Asia, with US federal investigators have declined to take up the matter.

An Intel spokesperson said that the biggest chipmaker had been a long target of government regulators for alleged anticompetitive practices. The company has either settled them with regulators and rivals.

AMD has also said that it had been contacted by Cuomo’s office. “I can confirm that we have received a subpoena, too,” said an AMD spokesperson and declined to give any further details.

On Monday, An Intel spokeswoman said the company had responded to antitrust charges filed by the European Commission and has seek a hearing. The commission has charged Intel last July for slashing prices below cost and offering rebates in an illegal attempt to drive AMD’s market share down.

The commission charges and the response are confidential.

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