Gizmodo “sorry” over CES Prank

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Gizmodo has now apologized over a prank that they did during CES. Their prank revolved around turning off plasma and LCD TVs off with the TV-B-Gone.

I have to admit that the video is funny; but the aftermath won’t be as pretty. CES organizers resisted the move to give bloggers press credentials, but let them in anyway. However, they kept them segregated in a lounge without the amenities and the luxury from the “press lounge”.

This prank could see Gizmodo, and/or its parent company Gawker Media, being banned from covering CES or even sued by the CEA – the organizers – or the companies that they pranked. Nick Denton, the owner of Gawker Media, has said to’s Rafe Needleman that he won’t fire the crew over the prank.

Gizmodo did apologized for their prank, saying: “was too much fun, but watching this video, we realize it probably made some people’s jobs harder, and I don’t agree with that (Especially Motorola). We’re sorry.”

However, Vallywag (another Gawker Media property) has turned it around; saying they did the prank under “press” credentials and not blogger badges; using Needleman’s view of bloggers and the press.

If you were wondering why the “lawsuit” tag appears – I just want to be prepared if anyone sues them.