Confirmed: Skype is coming to the PSP

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In another step to make use of its gaming hardware, Sony will be soon releasing Skype on the PlayStation Portable, as seen in this picture. According the press release, however, the new Skype feature is claimed that it will only work with the new slimmer and light PSP models.

A system update is scheduled for sometime in late January that will add a Skype icon to the Network category in the home menu. Users will be able to use all the main features of what you would get with the main Skype software, such as free Skype to Skype calls, calls to phones using SkypeOut and receiving calls with SkypeIn.

Those already with Skype accounts will be able to access their existing contact lists, as well add new contacts using the PSP’s interface. New Skype users will also be able to sign up to the service directly on the PSP.

The claim that it would only work with the new models was made by DailyTech, as they suspect that the added RAM will play an essential role in the new software.

Photo from Famitsu, via DailyTech.

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