nineMSN Music to shut down

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nineMSN Music, one of Australia’s music stores that competes with iTunes, has now decided to close shop. In an e-mail just sent to me recently from a source, they will be closing shop on January 21, 2008 at 9pm. “We thank you for your loyalty and support and will email you in the near future with some new and even more exciting music initiatives we have planned.” They said in the e-mail.

As like all music store closures, the DRM will be affected; meaning that you won’t be able to play them again since there is no DRM file in their servers anymore. They have suggested that you should burn them to CD and then rip them again to make sure you keep your music.

They have also said that all subscriptions will end next month, and no subscriptions will be taken. Any store credit should be used now before it closes.

As well, in another twist; they have partnered up with BigPond Music Store to continue that little part of their “MUSICFIX” site that uses downloads.

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