More data lost in the UK

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Another hundreds of thousands of UK citizens may be at risk of their data missing at the National Health Service Trust – a third time the government has seen its data missing.

Patients data were stolen at 10 different incidents, says the Sunday Mirror.

A CD containing names and addresses of 160,000 children were lost by the City and Hackney Trust in the east of London; with 244 cancer patients records being misplaced by the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Health Trust in Kent.

The Department of Health has said that there is no evidence that the information has fallen into the wrong hands.

“Since the recent heightened concern about data protection a small number of trusts have reported breaches of their own security rules,” the department said.

The newspaper has also said that the other trusts involved in the third incident were Bolton Royal Hospital, Sutton and Merton, Sefton, Mid-Essex, East and North Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Norwich, and Gloucester Partnership Foundation Trust.

Last week, the government admitted that it has lost 3 million records of learner drivers between September 2004 and April this year.

In November, the Revenue and Customs department admitted that it has lost the data of 25 million people records – nearly half the population, when two disks disappeared in an internal audit.

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