Wii Shortfall for Christmas (Part Duex)

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Nintendo has said that it does not have enough stock to meet the demands of it’s successful gaming console, the Wii. This is the second time it cannot meet demand for the holiday season. Nintendo has said that it has currently increase production, though it won’t be enough to meet the demand.

Rose Lappin, managing director for Nintendo Australia, could not give the details about how big of an increase of production is it; but that will be finalised at a global meeting in Japan.

She said that 20,000 Wii consoles are said to be shipped to retailers next week, in addition to the current 20,000 already in stock. It had 40,000 units in the holiday season last year, and those sold out before Christmas.

Microsoft recently dropped the price of it’s low-end version of the Xbox 360, however Ms. Lappin has said that it wouldn’t hurt sales.

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