iPhone hacked to work on Telstra

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Australians desperate for the iPhone being released have hacked the iPhone to work with the only carrier with the EDGE connection, Telstra. However, a veteran hacker believes that you should wait until it is released here next year (if that happens).

Melbourne-based Scott Heim, a retired mobile network engineer, has managed to hack the iPhone on the Telstra’s GSM network (EDGE) just days after the US launch, which his friend got for him.

It is reported that Telstra is currently looking to be the exclusive carrier for the device. However, rumours are speculating that Apple may release a 3G version. This would certainly make it work with most of the other carriers in Australia.

Mr. Heim has written several guides on how to crack the iPhone to work here, however he says it is a tricky hack.

“It’s something you have to be knowledgeable to do. You can’t just download a file that you click once and it just fixes it, you have to use multiple tools,” he said to Australian IT.

“On a difficulty rating of one to five, I’d rate it a five, the hardest. It’s not something I’d recommend you buy for grandma as a Christmas present.”

Currently, it has been launched in the UK, US, France and Germany. Apple fanboys are, however, unlocking the phone to use on their own carriers. Unlocking, or known as “jail breaking”, the iPhone currently voids the warranty. There have been recent reports that Apple has “brick” certain iPhones.

Many sites have said to not to update your firmware if you have unlocked your phone.

Apple has refused to answer to Australian IT’s questions on how many iPhones are there unlocked in Australia, nor how many complaints has it received for broken or “bricked” iPhones.