Windows XP to come to OLPC

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Microsoft has announced that it will create a special version of it’s Windows XP Operating System for the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC). In a statement released today, the software developer has said that it will conduct “limited” trials in January.

However, it has warned for those in the US and Canada that it will not be able to be in this trial, particularly those who are participating in the Give One, Get One program.

“As part of Microsoft’s Unlimited Potential effort to bring the benefits of technology to the next 5 billion people by transforming education, fostering local innovation, and enabling jobs and opportunity, Microsoft today announced plans to further expand flash-based Windows XP support for low-cost hardware computing devices,” the company said in the statement.

Microsoft has also said that governments wanting the operating system should call Microsoft on when will it be ready and how much will it cost.

However, there are many technical hurdles; for one, it needs to run on a 2GB SD Card. Microsoft conviced the OLPC to add a SD Card, and now it will use that to create a BIOS so it can boot from it.

As well, it needs to write 10 drivers to make it work with it’s mesh networking, camera and other unique features.

In an interview, James Utzschneider, General Manager of Microsoft’s Unlimited Potential group, has said that Microsoft has devoted 40 people to work on the operating system, as it plans to fit the entire XP and Office programs in one 2GB SD Card.

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