It’s Time to Go, Howard?

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We have made a panel of people of what they think before the count is on. The questions we ask are not based on political ideas, but to see an outcome over the election. We will be asking a few people over our network, even some outsiders to give your ideas..

“If the Liberals win, do you think that John Howard will give the job to Peter Costello?
Please give a full answer.

Jay Day – Editor of TECH.GEEK
John Howard will take another 3 years to retire, then he will hand it over to Mr. Costello after he retires.

Stewart Wilson – Editor of TECH.GEEK
Yes, Because John Howard has been rambling on about it for a while.

Alexander Ross – SRSSMS Networks
I think what John Howard will be not till 2009. Becuase John Howard love’s his job to much.

So, what do you think… Comment Today!!! We want to have your opinion about this.

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