Labour enlists schoolboy to draft cyber policy

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Tom Wood, the 16-year-old who circumvent the $84 million porn filter from the government, has been enlisted by Labor to draft their cyber policy. However, he is been thrown into a slinging match between Labor and Liberal.

Helen Coonan, the communication minister, has said that Wood did not “hack” the files, saying he just bypassed his way to an administer account. She’s seeking to discredit Wood saying that he “continued to seek notoriety using any means possible”.

Labor’s communication spokesman, Stephen Conroy, has shot back at Coonan; saying that “only wants to make the internet safer.”

“Well I feel quite offended by Senator Coonan actually,” Tom said in an email interview to The Age.

“I think it’s quite low that Senator Coonan would attack my credibility – as with my experiences, I have been pushing hard for this year to do whatever I can do, whether that be by exposing inadequacies, or pushing for improvements on cyber-safety – with a common aim of improving it.”

After reaching widespread coverage about cracking the filter; he was invited to a range of conferences, including one in New Zealand (via web-link).

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