Zune 2 available on Tuesday

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Microsoft has said that their latest edition of the Zune will be out on Tuesday. Microsoft originally announced the new models last month. The Zune is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iPod; but the Zune can allow you to share music wirelessly with it’s wi-fi functionality.

Apple has sold 100 million of the iPod during it’s lifespan, and has come with 6 generations. It has also have the mini (discontinued), the shuffle, the nano and the iPod touch (which is an iPhone without the phone functions). Microsoft has only sold only about 1.2 million.

The new (second-generation) of the Zune are now in three different size capacities. A 4GB and 8GB will be a similar size to the iPod nano; coming in red, green, black and pink. The 4GB will cost $149 and the 8GB for $199. Apple has offered the same price for the same capacity (4GB and 8GB). However, the 8GB comes with the colours, and the 4GB comes in silver.

The third Zune will be 80GB, and being 27% thinner than the original, will cost around $249 and the original version will be sold for $199. Apple is selling their 80GB iPod for the same price, and is offering another 160GB version for $100 extra.

Oh, and podcasts are now avaliable over on the Zune… so subscribe to Buzz Out Loud or even This Week in Tech on it, if you are planning to buy it.

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