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And when do you think the Telstra bandwagon has finished, Telstra’s lawyers have said to the High Court that it needs to be compensated as the government has ‘acquired’ the broadband local loops.

The biggest telecommunication company in Australia, and also partly owned by the government, is mounting a constitutional challenge over how the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s power to regulate how Telstra can actually sell it’s broadband local loops.

Current arrangements have Telstra selling them to other internet service providers, like Optus and Internode, for about $3.20 a month.

Alan Archibald QC, representing the telco, has said that shareholders are having their property “compulsorily acquired”. The Australian constitution does allow the government to compulsorily acquire property, but on the so-called “just terms”.

Telstra has currently been in press a lot during the year after that it will shut down most of local support centres and also giving it’s executives a huge pay rise. It has also been hit with a $5 million compensation over being hit with a class action lawsuit from it’s shareholders.

It has said it needs the price to increase as they want a “fair commercial return” from their property, and not giving access to other companies to it’s infrastructure.

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