Labor plans telecom “revolution”

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As an election promise, Labor has said that they will have a better internal split of Telstra as a promise to revolutionize the telecommunications industry; hoping to end Telstra monopoly.

In an interview with The Australian, Opposition Communication spokesman Stephen Conroy described the current arrangements as “flawed”. “We’ll get rid of it and start again,” Senator Conroy said. “We’ll have a tougher operational separation regime. This has become a strong message that Labor will start getting tough with Telstra, who has a monopoly over the telecommunication lines as it is partly owned by the government (before, the government owned a majority). The funds after selling have become the Future Fund.

His comments have been supported by the industry.

With time growing fast to the November 24 election date, Labor has promised it will invest $4.7 billion into a faster broadband network under a “public-private partnership”. It will offer teleconferencing and video conferencing for small businesses, investing into interactive television and also high definition.