Bureau warns ‘tainted discs’ in Taiwan

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basics_basic_215×260.pngPortable hard drives created and produced by US-based Seagate Technology have been found with a Trojan, according to the Taipei Times. The trojan automatically upload files placed on the hard drive to Beijing websites, the Investigation Bureau said.

Around 1,800 hard drives, produced in Thailand, contained two Trojan files, autorun.inf and ghost.pif; which uploads to 2 Beijing websites, www.nice8.org and www.we168.org, without the user’s consent. These affected are Maxtor Basics 500GB discs (see right).

The Bureau has said that government agencies use high capacity drives more often as they can hold databases and security information.

The Taipei Times, however, claim that the Chinese government have run an aggressive spying campaign in recent years. Xander International, who distributes these, have been ordered to remove them from shelves.

Only 300 out of the 1,800 hard drives have been sold. The Bureau has said that this was the first time it has found a trojan before it has hit the market. Seagate Asia Pacific is looking into the matter.

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