Russian malware gang vanishes

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A Russian gang that is alleged to hosting malware has vanished after their software disappeared from the web, says Trend Micro. The Russian Business Network, which was alleged to have been heavily involved in packing kits -development kits to deploy malicious software- suddenly dropped off the internet on Thursday, the Tokyo-based company said.

Researchers from the Internet security company, Verisign, has said that RBN was able to offer “bulletproof” hosting for malicious software by links with the Russian goverment.

Raimund Genes said to CNET that they had infiltrated an Turkish government site so it pointed to a site where they hosted in Panama which was owned by them. The site was leased to multipe malware gangs.

Trend Micro can’t be certain if it is 100% disappeared, but it may be relocating to Asia. Sites hosted in Taiwan or China have been hosting malicious software kits, the same hosted on RBN; including MPack (a packer kit) and it’s IcePack add-ons, as well as iframe exploits.

MPack is a PHP-based kit that allow developers to create and sell modules of malicious code.