Apple set to launch Leopard ‘Service Pack’

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After complaints over the Mac OS X 10.5 problems with Firewalls and Upgrading and most new (and old) features being a pain, AppleInsider has the scoop over a launch of 10.5.1 for Leopard. AppleInsider cite Apple that Apple has highlighted “Time Machine, Mail, iCal, Back To My Mac, Bonjour, AirPort, gaming graphics, networking and the Finder” as areas that deserve close attention.

But that’s not all, early adopters have said to Apple to have a closer look over a raft of issues with the newly-released system. However, Anti-Mac readers should note that all but one release has had at least an update after 4 weeks. The original 10.0 ‘Cheetah’ had four updates (10.0.1 – 10.0.4) between March 24 to June 21 2001; with a mere 20 days for the first update.

OS X 10.1’Puma’ had just arrived 6 months after the original one, with it’s own update of 10.1.1 on November 13; however, three weeks later, it released 10.1.2.

OS X 10.2 ‘Jaguar’ unveilled on August 23, 2002; to be only succeeded by 10.2.1 ‘Jaguar Red’ on September 18. Two more updates, Titled Blue & Green. came out during November & December. Though the colour updates got a but silly with Jaguar Plaid, The can’t-go-wrong Jaguar Black 10.2.6 was released in May.

OS X 10.3 ‘Panther’ was released on October 24, 2003; with only an update, 10.3.1, just 18 days after on November 10.

OX X 10.4 ‘Tiger’ was the gold for Apple, being released on April 29, 2005. It released 10.4.1 just 17 days later.

APC Magazine is expecting that the new update won’t be released until early December, saying “By those standards… it’s not expected to break cover until early December, some six weeks after launch.”

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