Optus, iiNet crush Telstra in Speed Test

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ZDNet Australia has now released some of the results of it’s Speed Test, launched in September. Since it’s introduction, it had more than 270,000 hits, a majority from Australians.

According to the results; Exetel is the fastest Internet service provider in Australia, with an average connection speed of 11,258 kbps. At the time of writing, however, only two (according to ZDNet) were performed by the ISP; so this might not be so accurate.

Second place was given to iiNet, with an average speed of 8,688 kbps after more than 38,000 tests. Optus, TPG and Internode were fifth, sixth and seventh respectfully. Telstra placed ninth in the overall rankings. However, surprisingly, Telstra had the fastest (169,054 kbps) and the slowest (1 kbps) out of the results.

At the bottom end, the last ten (and slowest) results were (in order): EscapeNet, G-Node, Chilli, AAPT, Australian Online (AOL – owned by Primus, who was 28 in the list), CXI, BigAir, Rivernet, Big Button, Yless4U, Unwired and GlobalBush Broadband.

In State rankings, NSW had the fastest with an average speed of 6,905kbps. Queensland had the second-highest average, but Victoria had the second-fastest result. Despite the resource boom, Western Australia was second last; with Tasmania placing last with an average speed of 3,552kbps. Don’t worry, you had the fastest slowest speed recorded.

This seems to contradict our results between Internode and Optus. We should point out that both were on ADSL and the distance between the connection and the exchange were unknown at the time of writing. The results on the Optus one were ADSL2, while Internode were based on ADSL.

And just for fun, let’s see who gain the top position on the World rankings; according to ZDNet Australia. Switzerland gained the top spot with an average of 20,978kbps. We should also note that only less than 200 people tried it. Japan was sixth, and Australia was placed 22nd. Out of the top 25, Ireland was the slowest. But counting all 137 countries, Palestine was the slowest.

Disclaimer: These results are from ZDNet Australia, a property of CNET Networks. We do not have links or affiliations with the company. All results queries and questions should go to them, not us. Don’t shoot the messenger.

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