OpenSocial hacked… again!

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Yes, I know. OpenSocial, Google’s API for making applications on the web, has been hacked… again. Shows how lazy Google are. And it’s the same guy who bought you the hacking of the RockYou application on Plaxo.

This time, he claims to have hacked the iLike application on Ning. Specifically, according to TechCrunch; he could add and remove songs on other people’s playlist. And more damaging, he could see their friend’s playlist in client-side mode. Give him your Ning username and he can get you the details about your friends… that’s a great way to tease your friends on their social habits, or another way to just cyber-bully.

To prove his point (to me, which is drastic…), he pulled up Ning’s co-founder Marc Andreessen’s friend list. He even shared some of it to Michael Arrington, the guy who broke the news of the first one (and his blog, TechCrunch is where I’m getting the source from.).

And if you are wanting to know how long he hacked it… 20 MINUTES!!!!

‘harmonyguy’ now has a blog set up to detail his ‘adventures’ of ‘solving’ problems (see the irony). He might be better that that Tom Wood guy in Australia (you know, the one who cracked the Government’s porn filter software…).

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