EFTel to bring in VDSL2 in Australia

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EFTel has announced that it will bring VDSL2 (Very High Speed DSL Line 2) to Australia, with more than 70 exchanges being upgraded to support it.

VDSL2 is to be the offer faster speeds than ADSL2, with 100mb/s. However, according to Whirlpool, that it becomes the same as ADSL2 when the connection is 1.6km away from their exchange.

VDSL2 has not been ratified in Australia, but EFTel is expecting that it will finish it’s rollout by early next year. ““Customers connected to BroadbandNext will enjoy benefits such as massively fast downloads, a wider range of service types, and improved levels of customer support
from a smarter network,”” CEO Simon Ehrenfeld said in a statement released on Thursday.

EFTel is partnering up with PIPE Networks and the Chinese Huawei Technologies to provide the technology. The network will be accessible to customers of aaNet and it’s wholesale division, Datafast.

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