They ‘got it wrong’…

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This story comes from Media Report

Fairfax Media, owners of The Age and AFR, is set to relaunch the after a few months from it’s first relaunch; with more content becoming free, after a few critics complaints.

This is in response to Rupert Murdoch was considering to make ‘The Wall Street Journal’ website a free service.

“We are going to make more accessible for users – but let’s go back to the beginning. There are four dimensions at work here: news and information; archives; investment and financial tools; and a digital rights management system,” He told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Unlike other news sites, stories written by AFR writers were available in subscription format. These cost $25 per month to $150 a month, depending on the plans.

It is unknown when the change is coming, but it would come in “a matter of weeks.”