O2 wins iPhone contract

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BREAKING: Spanish mobile operator, O2 has secured a deal to sell the iPhone in the UK. It agreed to give Apple 40% of the profits when it goes on sale.

The newspaper said on Monday that it has also agreed on the how it would go for. The 40% cut of profits is exceeding what industry experts believe.

The phone will cost about £269 (including VAT). Also plans are £35, £45 & £55; but they will include unlimited data. The iPhone, like in France where it was announced a day before, will not have support for 3G; however, O2 have said that it has upgrade it’s network to the EDGE connection, plus will make 7,500 wi-fi hotspots free for the iPhone.

O2 has partnered with Carphone Warehouse for distribution, with 1,000 customer service agents for the iPhone.