Switchoff decision now falls to someone else

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Senator Helen Coonan, the Communications Minster, will no longer decide the fate of Telstra’s CDMA connection. After launching their ‘Next G’ network, the government intervened when Telstra wanted to switched off the CDMA.

Now, the power falls to the Attorney-General, Philip Ruddock; giving him full control on how and when it will shut it down. Ruddock also said that he approves of the latest changes to Telstra’s license. Now Telstra must seek approval to shut it down from the government itself.

The plan switch it off on the January 2008 might no go ahead still, with Telstra suing the Communications minster over the tender of the new Wi-Max network; alleging that Coonan was “hamper[ing] the Next G network broadband deployment by prejudging the outcome of her consultation with Telstra on the draft CDMA licence condition.”