PayPal Instant Bank Transfer GGGOOONNNEEE!

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Been paying by PayPal lately? Having trouble sending your money instantly? Don’t have a credit card?
PayPal don’t give a rats if you have problems. Today I tried paying my hosting fees and paying off some domains, usually I pay via Instant Bank Transfer, but not today! Got my hosting account suspended and my domain flagged for deletion. I was so outraged, emailed both the company’s complaint departments and got my account unsuspended and my domains back but I was still outraged, so I rang PayPal. They said that the new system upgrade has reverted itself back to eCheque’s (WTF?? The computer done itself :O). They also told me that you need a credit card to use IBT (instant bank tr….. pfft…. you get the point). I yelled my point through and they said their technisions will fix it ASAP (BULLSH1T!!).

BTW, Coming soon…..

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