Terence’s Mac, PC and Wii side?

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Was talking to Terence on MSN and randomly he said this:
??? ?’? ????? ??? ??v?????? says:
PC: hello, i’m terence’s pc side
MAC: and i’m terence’s mac side
PC: pc’s can do a lot of things
MAC: then why is he getting a macbook
PC: WTF!!!
MAC: He is, He’s been begging 80,000 people to give him 5c
PC: You are such a wanker
MAC: But you’re getting Wii-placed
PC: Do Not bring out Terence’s Wii Side into this, he scares me
MAC: Yeah, we wanted to merge
PC: You F**

APPLE : Think Different Personalities

Then he said for me to post it and he dared me, but I think he wanted to replace him with me, but nooo because i’m not that mentally retarted (no offense Terence)

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