Hmmm, Skype is gone. Oh no!

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Well little boys and girls, you see Skype has disappeared to the land of OZ! No not really. Skype are having some problems with their client. So that means you cannot sign into Skype on any computer or interact with the Skype program. Here is a post from one of the Skype staff.




even though it is too early to call out anything definite yet we are now seeing signs of improvement in our sign-on performance. We continue to monitor the situation through Europe waking up this morning and have more for you in approximately 4 hours.


My client is now occasionally bringing in stacks of unread multichats. Hope yours too.

So little boys and girls, just wait and your skype will be back to its normal self, so you can talk to your friends, family and colleges. If you do not know what Skype is, then you don’t know what a computer is. Goto to find out what it is and download the lastest version.

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