360 Bad Luck…Down Under

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According to GameSpot AU, in turn from a insider, about 2 weeks ago all EB Games stores across Australia were told to return all XBOX 360s in stock back to Microsoft. As well, checking the website they had their XBOX 360 product page saying it was sold out. This was also true when GameSpot asked the stores.

It’s another setback for the Microsoft console, who just recently announced an extended warranty for 3 years costing Microsoft $1 billion. They have said that this is a “design fault”. This extended warranty is worldwide, though Microsoft Australia as made no word about how it would work here.

No details are known about the 360s, but some speculate the same design fault. A salesman at EB Games told GameSpot about the recall, but speculated that the recall could “go back to a month”.

Harvey Norman and Dick Smith have the product in stock for July 16th. However, EB Games have refused to contact GameSpot, but Microsoft Australia has said an announcement would be made later.

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