E3: Nintendo Press Conference

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Anyway, Nintendo has just announce that it has passed the 40 million mark for their Wii, a few months ago. It has also saw it’s audience expanding, with 114% in Japan. As well, The DS has double its share. Plus, it has also said that the 14 of the top 20 best selling Wii games are from Third Party Developers.

Also announced was the Wii Zapper, that will be packaged with an Nintendo developed game for US$19.95. This will also be used for the new Resident Evil game, and Medal of Honour.

Announced was the release date of it’s latest edition of it’s Super Smash Brothers franchise, Super Smash Brothers: Brawl. It will be released in December 2nd in North America.

Demonstrations and Videos played a part in this conference, with some its video containing news reports praising the Wii and Viral Video. CNET’s Veronica Belmont makes an appearance twice in the videos playing in the conference.

Now to their Online Service. Nintendo has said that 5.5 million users have used the service at no price. Also, 5.6 million downloads have come from the Wii Shop Channel. Also announced was a brand new channel, called “Check Mii Out”, that allows you to show your Mii to the world to be voted, etc. As well, their online services will be expanding, with names as such of Maddern 08, Fifa Soccer 08, Guitar Heroes, Mario Kart and Pokemon using the service.

Satoru Iwata is up on the stage, saying that the DS popularity is because of Brain Age and Nintendogs. He is also hyped about the DS cookbook in Japan. He also wants to destroy the barrier that classifies games as for beginners or the pros, but for everyone.

A small preview of games from third party developers were up, with Ubisoft creating more brain games like “My Word Coach” and later “My Life Coach”. Also, The Sims and High School Musical games will be produced for the Wii and the DS.

Now, the next game development for the Wii. Titled Wii Fit, a trailer showed many people doing physical activity. There will be over 40 games in the Wii Fit, one was shown a person to match the rhythm of the Miis. Also, a new device for the Wii will be sold with it, called the Wii Balance Board. It’s supposed to measure your balance and weight, and for the game.

Reggie was then asked to come on stage again, this time to be weighed. The crowd was laughing during the segment. Anyway, he was also asked to compete with Sheigeru Miyamoto in a game that makes you have to hit your head with a virtual soccer ball. If you want to know who won, it was Reggie.

There you go… for more in depth coverage, make sure you see our coverage over at our Pownce account, at http://www.pownce.com/techgeek.

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