The ‘Pownce’ Effect…

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Remember Joost, and now it decided to open its doors (sort of). Now, following in its footsteps is Pownce. Pownce is like some kind of clash between Twitter and other Web 2.0 services (I don’t know, I’m just guessing from the images and crap), and was started by none other than Kevin Rose, the guy from Digg.

Typing in “Pownce Invites” on Google brings up 290,000 results; most coming from Digg stories from Mashable, but also from smaller blogs (like this) who happened to score one. Now people are going desperate measures, with some even getting them for $2 on E-Bay (At the time of writing, there was 3).

Ironically, this is what happened on Joost’s invite system. People waiting for an invite and go online and get desperate. Well, not all of them. Due to the high demands, many people will only give them out to the 6 (from what I’m told) invitees if they promise to use their 6 invites to send them to other people on the list. At least it’s fair.

As well, Pownce has saw a couple of invites using the Spamhous e-mail service; which creates a ‘false’ e-mail address to cover your identity. They now have ignored any e-mail addresses with Spamhous.

Is it me, or is it just that every single Web 2.0 website in alpha, beta or whatever they call it are now using this invite system.

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