Australia is officially ‘the nation of pirates’

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Kinda sounds weird, when Sweden should be this, but Australians are just the worst when pirating on the Internet, according to MacTalk. Now, why is this happening… tech.geek tells you why we are going to Bit Torrent than TV itself… Is our TV at stake?

But Bit Torrent is also a threat to the Movie and Music industry as well, but why are Australians downloading TV Shows. This is because our TV Season starts in February and ends in November, while the US starts theirs in November and ends in May the next year; thus meaning that we receive the shows 4 – 5 months after the original broadcast, plus with no ads make it an enjoyable ‘feature’.

But what have they done to stop it? In the US, ABC (America) and CBS has launched a service that would allow you to watch the full episode of a show; while NBC Universal and News Corp (Owners of NBC and Fox respectfully) have decided to launch a platform to rival YouTube. As well, many of the shows from all networks are available in iTunes for the ever popular iPod.

In Australia, we done nothing; but when I mean nothing, we haven’t done anything drastic. Channel Ten, Sunrise (on Channel Seven) and the ABC have profiles on YouTube. Channel Nine has launching a paid version (where the price is outrageous) for it’s shows to be downloaded; however, Channel Ten has the same thing, but for free, however both are DRM protected. ABC, apparently, is providing some shows on it’s VOD service, like the Chaser’s War on Everything.

As well, the only reason we don’t see shows from America or even our locally produced shows, has been that Apple has never approached the stations. As well, all the broadcast stations in Australia can’t put the shows from the US television networks, because of copyright laws. The only way Australian stations can put their content is in podcasts.

Yes, you heard me, podcasts. Sounds weird, yes, but Channel Ten and the ABC have been putting some of it’s content into podcasts (In ABC’s case, the entire episode). Best of all, it’s free; however, you will need a ADSL 2+ or Cable connection, as it can be a very large file.

No one can predict where Bit Torrent is heading in Australia, but the Government have been enforcing it’s piracy laws, but not as much like the US. The ISPs have also reported that most of their traffic comes from Bit Torrent, with Exetel saying that it takes up nearly as half of their traffic. Internode have also blamed their recent price increase to peer to peer, and didn’t want the entire network to collapse.

Can this mean the end of broadcast TV forever? Have your say, comment now!