“You Need Help,” says minister

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Communications Minister Helen Coonan has initiated action against a Sydney-based game developer for making an online game based on the Virginia Tech massacre and asking him to seek help.

The online game, called V-Tech Rampage; was referred to ACMA, the government body that controls print, radio, television and online media. The creator, Ryan Lambourn, moved from the US to Australia when he was 14. The character is based on Cho Seung-hui. Lambourn has fuelled the outrage by posting a “ransom” note for US$2000 in donations, another US$1000 to apologised for the stunt.

ACMA does not have the power to shut down the site due to it is hosted outside Australia, but can have it put on a blacklist if it’s found to break the government’s Online Content Scheme. The US hosting company has suspended his site. However, the game is still playable on Newgrounds, which Lambourn replied, “My site is down because they got too many angry emails and they won’t put it back up with vtech still on it. At least newgrounds still believes in freedom of speech, thanks.”

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