SBS targets 1 million

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SBS Australia has announced a huge revamp of their online presence, which will include a revamp of their news and sport services. As well, they will be in negotiations with YouTube, like the BBC, and also to foreign news broadcasters which they broadcast their news on their ‘WorldWatch’ block.

Australian Media has currently embraced the web; with ABC leading the way with online radio, video on demand and podcasting entire episodes of their TV and Radio programs. Seven Network is now broadcasting their 4:30 bulletin live on Yahoo!7, a joint venture with Yahoo! and the Seven Network; while the Nine Network has a podcast of their news. Channel Ten has set up an online presence of their own by being the first station to have uploaded videos on YouTube. NineMSN, a joint venture between Microsoft and PBL, has also an Australian competitor to YouTube called YourCut with Revver.