‘Click Here to infect your PC!!!’

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Didier Stevens created a fake ad to see who would click on his link. This was a test to see who would be stupid enough to click on a link that would say…

Is your PC virus-free?
Get it infected here.

Surprisingly, 409 people did. Here is how he did this experiment…

  1. I bought the drive-by-download.info domain. .info domains are notorious for malware hosting.
  2. I setup a web server to display a simple page saying “Thank you for your visit!” and to log each request. That’s all. I want to be absolutely clear about this: no malware or other scripts/code were ever hosted on this server. No PCs were harmed in this experiment.
  3. I started a Google Adwords campaign with several combinations of the words “drive by download” and the aforementioned ad, linking to drive-by-download.info
  4. I was patient for 6 months

For more information about this experiment, go to: http://didierstevens.wordpress.com/2007/05/07/is-your-pc-virus-free-get-it-infected-here/

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