“It could happen to you”

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An outraged parent has written a blog post about his disgust when he called Comcast hangs up after he called their 911 [That’s the American equivalent to 000 in Australia].

It is 2:30 AM PDT. Yesterday was my Son’s 4th birthday. An hour ago he had a seizer. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital with his mom, my wife. I am at home right now going out of my mind with worry. I have another son who is sleeping, so one of us had to stay here while the other went.

I am not sure where to start because I am really pissed off. I picked up my telephone and called 911. All I got was a buzzing sound on the other end. I hung up and called 911 again, another weird noise.

Frustrated, I start hunting for my cell phone. After finding it, I call 911 and spend the next 5 minutes (which felt more like 22 hours) trying to the dispatcher what our address was.

Currently [at the time of writing] it has 1066 diggs. One of my favourite comments has to be from Rhino2…

Digg Group Think Unite! Ralley the 17 year olds, we’re going to spam the crap out of comcast and be a plague on the internet.

Just saying, there are two sides of the story.

Just between me and you though – I won’t depend on ANY digital voice system for 911 calls.
Teh internets are tricky with the bits once in awhile… all those tubes getting clogged up.

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