Consumer Watch : Case One

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Today, we start our new series… Consumer Watch!!!

Case One : 789MB FTP Problems

Several members of this highly regarded free web hosting company,, have experienced some technical difficulties with their FTP. We, and many users, have found that it stops after the password. This problem was found when member burundi. More disturbing is that this problem was found on 15th April. Now, it’s 6th May. This should have been fixed, but the only update we found from the administrators, was on the same day at 8:14pm.

Users have been forced to use the online file uploader, which causes it to become slow. The service offers 10GB of space and a bottom text-ad. The service is owned by Nicholas Long, according in the Whois record. As we said, it is a highly regarded web host, with an average rating of 9.22 at

No updates have been given, but I have sent this post to Mr. Long.

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