Just Joosting for an Invite…

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Joost has now gone public, kind of. It’s still in close beta, but there is no longer a limit if you download the latest version… but how will the web handle the madness. I am here to explain…

Everyone should be giving them out… and we have at tech.geek. Writers will receive one [If they write for the blog, not write one and stop], and we have a competition and suggestion box where you can submit your entries. We are not giving them out of everyday [We might, just comment]. But lately, it’s just standstill. However, there are limits.

Everyone should not get their hopes up. If you have given them out freely, you might find that you can actually see the person if they have activate it or not. That’s a bit of a concern to me because I do not want to know if they did or not… it’s just a bloody waste of time.

Again, Technorati shows joost invites as no.7. This means many people are searching for Joost Invites… Great!

Anyway, back to tech.geek. We do have Joost Invites. Any requests will not be accepted. You must either become a writer [see above] or be part of our competition. Our competition is easy, just nominate a theme that you would like to see or create one…

Back to the article. Joost has made it self less restrictive, this means that many people will beg for it. It’s not that hard, you can use it to lure into your spam website or blog. They can even lie to you saying that they have Joost Invites [B.T.W, we do actually have Joost Invites, go ask one of the bloggers at tech.geek].

Joost becoming less restrictive of their membership is a start before launching itself out of beta. Congrats on your ‘Friends Edition’, even though it could be meaningless if you have NO FRIENDS TO SHARE IT!

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