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We finally got a receive a response. That was fast, I don’t know how they found this out? I always taught that blog is not going to be read by those higher class sites. Did they did a vanity search? Anyway, Here it is…

Then we encourage you to start your own and anyone can have a my.9r account and if you try not to blink while looking at our site you will see there is a non-exclusive community that benefits everyone already built on the site. All you gotta do is participate just like any other community.

OK, I have to admit that I might get some stuff wrong before doing my article. I would like to apologize to 9rules and it’s staff and members for making this report under false knowledge. I, however, stand by my idea of it being a restrictive community and using the “A List” term suits it.

But then again this still might not be enough for you and if that’s the case I completely understand. For that let me point you to MyBlogLog where everyone can be friends and sign up. Even the spammers.

Thanks for your suggestion… I’ll keep that in mind. But still, must you bring in another site in this?

I appreciate the respect you have paid us by saying we are getting in the way, but if you think we are big enough or powerful enough to stop others from doing what they want you are sadly mistaken. We just did things our way and if we wanted our focus to be on great content, letting everybody in would benefit nobody. That’s what you need to understand.

I understand all right. But still, I didn’t mean that you are in the way in the web.

I’m glad you have taken the initiative to start your own network and I do nothing but wish you the best of luck in your venture. I’m sure it will turn out great.

pointZERO networks appreciate your support… Thanks!

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