Sayonara Playstation’s Father

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On June 19; the creator, Ken Kutaragi, will retire from Sony’s Computer Entertainment. He has “been considering this decision for some time.”

He has introduced the Playstation in 1996, and it’s successors. He also released a competitor to the Nintendo DS, the PSP. However, Nintendo is making a huge comeback in the portable and home consoles areas, with the Nintendo DS and the Wii overshadowing the PSP and PS3. The PS3 is even been beaten by its predecessor, the Playstation 2.

“[The] Playstation 3 has been a huge disappointment, No.3 out of three in terms of console sales,” said Rob Enderle, principal analysts; and he is right. According to the NPD group; the Nintendo Wii sold 259,000 consoles in March, Xbox 360 was trailing behind in 199,000 and the PS3 sold only 130,000.

Enderle said the biggest mistake was to include the high priced Blu-Ray player. This added hundreds of dollars to the cost. This was far more expensive than the $399 high end Xbox 260 and the $250 Wii.

CNET contributed to this news report