‘Glide’ your crap…

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We don’t want to announce it… but we have to. We just found a failing Web 2.0 site, and it’s Glide. Terence Huynh writes this mad and crazy adventure, which is dumb enough not to include Google Calendar as an import option…

How should I say this… I hate this product. I’m a geek, and I don’t even understand this freaking product. It’s created on Flash and basically it’s interface is so hard that it will make you hurt the computer more than it will hurt you.

Calendar basically is just a crappy version of Google Calendar, no wait… even worse, Microsoft Outlook Calendar. And basically, you only can export calendar… there is no tool inside this part to import.

E-Mail is as well a crappy copycat of Outlook. This is just giving a huge pain in the ass to me as it is so simple, yet so hard to bloody configure it…

Basically… I wish I can say more, but I stopped using it after I was tortured…

The only way to import all your media to this crappy ‘Operating System’ is to download a piece of software to do it for you. No online version. Great… Not. Most of the things require you to use Microsoft’s own products.

However, it was simple to sign up; and the plans are not that bad. 2GB shared between 4 users… that’s a positive

But to upload, you had to sync your computer with software to put it on that 2GB of space. No online version. As well, most of the features only work WITH Outlook.

Basically, it was crap… It doesn’t deserve to be called a Web 2.0 product.

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