The TechCrunch-gate…

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TechCrunch has been given a pending lawsuit against Shannon Terry, CEO of Rivals, after rumours speculate the fact that she was involved in a securities fraud. According to TechCrunch, Fox was about to acquire Rivals in 2005 but pulled out after a background check. Yahoo is now rumoured to acquire it, but it has died down.

According to the documents, Terry claimed that his actions were before he was with Rivals. Terry is now seeking damages and lawyer fees.

Rivals is a Sports News Site, which was planned to be acquired by AOL, Fox and Yahoo; but no longer. Currently, their site is down. TechCrunch is one of the popular technology news sites, and is founded by Michael Arrington.

But still… if you were found to be doing these actions before Rivals, you were still a criminal. I don’t even care if you were ‘co-operating with the authorities,’ you still are a bloody criminal. May I refer you to what Washington Business Forward said…

An employee of SGA Goldstar Research, Shannon Terry, was found to have violated the anti-touting and antifraud provisions of securities laws by a U.S. District judge. The court ordered Terry to disgorge $828,000 of trading profits…

That still proves that you are a stinking criminal. You were found of violating the securities law by a U.S District Judge… You didn’t get a prison sentence… you took the easy way out and ‘co-operated with the authorities.’

Anyway… Here is the original article and the letters; and I leave you with a quote with one of the comments… ‘This guy is obviously a scumbag…’

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